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Event Lighting

Lighting options to make your event visually stunning! 

Basic / One Tripod Dance Lighting Package: 

Note: This package is already included for free with any of our Wedding Packages! One tripod with several dance-type lights to make the dancefloor fun!

Two Tripod Dance Lighting Package: 

* Similar to the One Tripod, but with 2 tripods, you get double the lighting to make the dance floor double the fun!!

1/2 Truss Dance Lighting Package: 

* That's 2 tripods with a 5 foot bridge (a truss) in the middle and full of lights - including some intelligent lighting! This is a great addition to any dancefloor without going over the top!

Full Truss Dance Lighting Package: 

* Really gives your event a professional look! 2 tripods with a 10 foot bridge in the middle! MORE intelligent lighting too! Give your party a nightclub style light show!

Interior Uplighting: 

*Imagine your room lit up in color from floor to ceiling! An elegant look that will really give that WOW! factor. Plus-we use wireless uplighting whenever possible!

Monogram Lighting: with your custom image!

*What a beautiful addition to have YOUR name, initials or an image lit up on the wall, ceiling or dance-floor! If you choose the GOBO Projector, we'll even send you your custom GOBO as a keepsake after your wedding day!

Pinspots for Cake and/or Centerpieces!

* A small spotlight set to highlight your cake or each table centerpiece! Accents make the room!